Writing activities using 5 senses

Students learn how descriptions that make use of their five senses can improve their writing. Objectives Students will use information from all five senses as they write a descriptive paragraph. Ask students to list the five senses, and write them -- sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch -- on a chalkboard or chart as students respond.

Writing activities using 5 senses

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This unit will explain each of the five senses in detail and give children a chance to explore their knowledge using their five senses. They will be using their eyes, hands, ears, nose, and mouth to gain knowledge of the world around them.

This unit is geared towards kindergarten children but could be manipulated to work with younger or older children. The lessons incorporated in this three week unit will have the children exploring the world through their five senses. It is important for children to be aware of the world around them and this unit will help them gain an appreciation for their five senses.

Instructional Overview The unit will begin with the story My Five Senses by Aliki to open the discussion about the five senses. I will read the story to the children to give them a general idea of what the five senses include. We will focus on each sense individually before bringing them all together.

The first two days we will focus on the concept of sight. I will first have the children explain to me what they feel sight is and then I will explain it in depth.

I will explain how the eyes are the location at which sight occurs and that we use our eyes to learn things such as colors, sizes, and shapes of objects. At the end of the activity we will come back together and discuss our findings.

We will work together cooperatively to figure out how much detail each object depicts and which tool showed more detail. This lesson will have myself, as the teacher, showing pictures of different objects to the children and the children will use their eyes to figure out what the object is.

The lesson will start off with indirect instruction because the children are using their knowledge to come up with the right answer. After all pictures are shown cooperative learning will take place because the children will talk with me to go over each picture again to determine the right answer.

writing activities using 5 senses

Through talking with each other, the children will comprehend the concept of sight. The next two days will be focused on the concept of touch.

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Again I will have the children first tell me what they feel touch is and then I will explain touch in more depth. I will explain how our skin is the location of the sense of touch which we use to determine the roughness, smoothness, hardness, softness, or different shapes of objects.

I will explain how we use touch to determine different textures of objects by how they feel to the human touch. This lesson will also involve indirect instruction because the children are working together in groups to determine the right texture.Five Senses Literature Lessons is a developmentally appropriate homeschool curriculum offering programs for children ages 3 to 12 years old.

Developed by an occupational therapist, the program is flexible to meet your child where they are developmentally and academically. It is easy to use and with limited prep time.

The 5 Senses Science Activities and Experiments. Ready, set, hear, see, touch, smell and taste! Exploring the five senses is not only exciting for kids but extremely important to their developing brain.

Using All Five Senses to Write About Strong Feelings By Julie Ballew.

Grades 3–5 Using Senses to Describe Feelings. If this pre-writing activity is any indication, I will certainly be blown away by what I read!

What pre-writing activities have you tried? Let me know in the comments! Julie Ballew.

writing activities using 5 senses

Grades. 3–5.

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five senses, science 5 senses, teaching the five senses, 5 senses lessons, five senses activities Find this Pin and more on OT by Samantha Varner. This activity promotes tactile learning and it lets children use language to express the feeling.

That is what we do at the Writing Academy – providing constructive feedback on our students’ writing and helping them to improve their composition writing skills. Download a FREE template for Creating Your Own Word Lists Using the 5 Senses.

Descriptive Writing: Using Your Five Senses. Today's Snack: See the popcorn. Hear the popcorn pop. Smell that incredible fresh popcorn smell. Pick up a small handful .

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