Women and religion essay women and role they play religion

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Women and religion essay women and role they play religion

January 22, Reading Time 3 minutes It is no secret that women generally get the short end of the stick, so to speak, when it comes to how they are treated and viewed in religions and religious institutions.

A pretty safe rule of thumb would be that women do all the work, while men take all the credit. Putting it charitably, women are generally treated as somewhat less than equal with men in most religious settings and belief systems. Of course in this version, the primary role for men is to be in charge of women.

Nicholas Kristof recently wrote in the New York Times of the many forms of oppression that women face in different religious settings. History, however, would suggest that evangelicals and Pentecostals, while in some cases looking like they are providing opportunities for women to exercise their gifts of creativity and leadership, will inevitably revert to their historic patriarchal structures.

The history of evangelical and Pentecostal churches shows that while in many instances women led the way with new ideas and innovations, these were consistently transformed into male dominated structures.

For Sister Aimee, her denomination now looks like most any other Pentecostal denomination that is to say governed by white males.

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For Henrietta Mears and the field she founded—a structured and professional approach to Christian Education—that field is now almost completely professionalized as evidenced by advanced degrees, etc. So while Kristof rightly sees new opportunities for women among some Pentecostal churches, the long view is that these opportunities will be short-lived, and these churches will at some point revert to being the patriarchal institutions they have historically been, with women, again, doing all the work, while the men take all the credit.Essay about The Role of Women in Judaism - The Role of Women in Judaism Some say that the role of women in Judaism has been misrepresented and misunderstood.

Today when people think of women's role in Judaism, they think of . & Yet, religion also can be misused to excuse or condone abusive behavior. In the context of violence against women, religious teachings and communities will play a role; they will never be neutral.

This document covers some of the basic issues and questions that confront religiously identified women who have experienced abuse. In conclusion women of all three religions were historically not given the value and respect that men were, but have all gained new status and roles in their religion.

Women throughout history have played different roles in different religion, but most of the time women were submissive to men.

Essay Women 's Roles And Roles Of Women it comes to the acting out of their gender roles. Women’s role consists of what class they partake in or choose to place their self in. Woman may place themselves in the independent, housewife, workaholics, and or party animal group.

Some religious feminists work for equality, while others believe that female superiority should be recognized in spiritual matters; some reject what they consider oppressive traditions, while others believe that there is strength to be found in reclaiming and redefining women’s traditional roles.

Women and religion essay women and role they play religion

But in religion, women also held titles, however, the roles differed within the religions. While muslim and christian were similar with their positions in the household, they .

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