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Table of Contents Q: If I am applying to multiple schools, will the same personal statement be sent to all of them? The SOPHAS application allows you to enter multiple personal statements and attach them to each designation individually, which will allow you to personalize each essay.

When entering your personal statement s you will need to give each essay a title, which will appear in a drop-down menu that you can access from the School Designations page after you have added a designation.

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To access this drop down and attach an essay to a designation, click the Add Personal Statement link in the upper left of the school designation listing.

Here is a screen shot of the steps to add multiple personal statements; Step 1: This will allow you to continue entering personal statements as you add new designations Q: What do I write my personal statement about?


Your personal essay is intended to give you the opportunity to submit a narrative to each school to which you are applying describing your past education, experience, and current professional career objectives.

Your statement of purpose should describe your: Reasons for interest in public health Reasons for Upload your essay in academic dept or concentration Reasons for interest in SPH Career goals If you are applying to a doctoral program, your proposed research topic. Be sure to check with the schools to which you plan to apply to ask whether there are any specific subjects you should address or questions you should answer in your essay s.

What should I do? You must attach your Statement of Purpose to the school designation of the school to which you are sending it. You must attach a Statement of Purpose even if you have only written one essay and have only one designation.

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Please follow these steps to attach your Statement of Purpose: Go into the School Designations section of your application. A dropdown menu will appear with a list of all Statements of Purpose you have written. Select the one you wish to attach and click the Submit button. If you did it properly, you will see the title of the desired statement reflected on the designation Repeat this step for each school you have designated.

If you paste text from some word processing programs i. Microsoft Word certain formatting characters such as angled quotes, accents, and other special characters will not display properly.

Please review your final text and make corrections to the format as necessary. You are encouraged to compose your statement in a text-only word processor e. Can I edit or replace an essay after I have e-Submitted my application?

Once you have attached a personal statement to your designation and that designation has been e-Submitted, you cannot edit, replace, or delete that personal statement. If you have accidentally attached the incorrect essay, or notice an error after you e-Submit, you must contact the school of public health directly to discuss the issue with their admissions office.

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Is it ok to have someone help me with writing my Statements of Purpose and Objectives? It is acceptable to have a trusted colleague, friend or family member REVIEW your statement of purpose and objectives in order to critique it for style and grammar.

However, your statement should be original and in your own words. Schools of public health look unfavorably on plagiarism in application materials, including your statement of purpose and objectives. Plagiarism of your statement of purpose and objectives may be reason for non-review of your application or academic dismissal.

Using facts, data, graphs, charts, or other information without acknowledging the source with a footnote or reference. When in doubt, footnotes or references should be used.

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