The explosion and transformation of gangster rap on the west coast

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The explosion and transformation of gangster rap on the west coast

In his song "I Was There," Bronx rapper KRS-One challenges "rap historians" who according to him chronicle events they never witnessed first hand.


Well, I wasn't there either. I was never anywhere near where things relevant to rap music happen, to be perfectly honest. The following is mainly to make the reader aware of an often ignored part of hip-hop history and to draw some conclusions for myself and anyone interested. For more information on the early West Coast scene refer to, for instance, the website www.

Dreor more general overviews from 'It's Not About a Salary West Coast Hip-Hop Music and the Transformation of Mainstream Culture' - as well as anybody you might run into who was actually there. The First Dynasty," a compilation series that gathered close to 40 relevant recordings, was released when the region was on the verge of being the dominant force in rap.

The recordings cover the yearsthe majority falling into the mid-'80s era. Revisiting the collection many years later, listening to all three volumes remains a mind-boggling experience.

We might come across a couple of curiosities, but eventually come to the realization that they're simply part of the peculiarities of the early West Coast rap scene.

Various artists :: West Coast Rap: The First Dynasty, Vol. :: Rhino/Excello

And a scene it definitely was, connecting a number of early exponents who would hold leading roles in the aforementioned heydays of L. As Bobby Jimmy, comedian and radio personality Russ Parr accompanied the music scene with biting parodies, but he worked with one-time N.

Before he became a solo artist, the Egyptian Lover was a DJ and part of Uncle Jam's Army, a collective of DJ's and dance promoters that later would also include Bobcat, Battlecat and Pooh, who would all go on to leave their mark on West Coast rap as producers. Dre and DJ Yella on turntables, soon-to-be musical masterminds behind N.

Top 10 Hip Hop Artists From Philadelphia

A's landmark gangsta rap album "Straight Outta Compton. Dre and who like Egyptian Lover could look back on a catalog of influential electro records. Dre emerged as a successful solo artist, introducing the world to a slew of young talent such as Snoop Doggy Dogg, who joined him on the hit song "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang," rapping over an interpolation of a '70s tune recorded by soulman Leon Haywood, who also produced a classic '80s rap song by Toddy Tee called "Batterram.

Dre prepared the next steps of his long career. The above is not the history of West Coast rap in a nutshell but a demonstration of how close-knit its cast especially in L. The compilation does not feature any early material by N.

The explosion and transformation of gangster rap on the west coast

A, Comptons Most Wanted or King T, rather it provides insight into a scene that didn't necessarily have to give birth to what would become known as gangsta rap - but did anyway, and understandably so.

If you're looking for the economic and social realities that inspired N.

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A and their immediate successors, they are discussed frequently here. It is one of the many songs that were inspired by the first rap records out of New York and actually put out by two New York transplants, Jerry Hooks and his son Duffy Hooks, who hoped to establish a West Coast equivalent of Sugar Hill Records.

Their debut single "Rappin Partee Groove" featured still unpolished performances but is on par with lesser known rap records of the time.

The sixtet soon changed its name to Dark Star but pursued its romantic streak on "Sexy Baby"serenading the ladies in a way I cannot recall any East Coast rap record of that time doing it, opening with acapella crooning and then getting into the slapping bass groove taking steady turns with couplets that don't shy away from physical contact but maintain the innocent charm of old school rap.

The West Coast's sensual inclinations soon got more passionate as the Egyptian Lover sprayed his musk over electro funk tracks and everybody professed their admiration for Prince.

There's the guy walking home after he just got robbed at a club, only to be stopped and searched by the police. Another one thinks he found himself an easy target in an elderly woman who just made a bank withdrawal and ends up getting shot by her. Is there money in his pocket to be found?

The Captain's performance is very precise but ultimately more old school than that of Fosty and Carl who had begun to develop a vocal identity that was more local. Still in comparsion to "Radio Activity Rapp" his writing is more refined as he really goes into detail about these bad times, discussing unemployment, international politics, AIDS, world hunger, gangbanging, natural disasters, the death penalty, abortion, the drug trade, and so forth.

He conjures up an almost apocalyptic vision of the world, something rap didn't really devote itself to until the mid-'90s. It's almost a pop version of a Kurtis Blow joint that, paired with Rapp's relentless stream of social commentary you imagine coming from behind a desk or a pulpit, lacks the tangibility of, for instance, Run-D.

The artist that would bring L. It's always a blast to ponder Ice-T's "Body Rock" because the first lecture about 'hip-hop culture' was given by a guy who later came to embody 'gangsta rap' and 'West Coast rap', two things certain hip-hop purists in the '90s would avoid like the plague.West coast rap rapped more about black power while the east coast didnt focus there raps on that and still followed by the olf governing rules of trying to make the crowed move.

Gang culture in New York evolved into the competitive spirit of hip-hop. In the USA we have the ‘dirty south,’ ‘west coast hip hop,’ ‘east coast hip-hop’ and more.

The explosion and transformation of gangster rap on the west coast

This allows people to express their individuality, whilst being part of a collective. This allows people to express their individuality, whilst being part of a collective. From its start in the 80 s on the East Coast, to its explosion and transformation on the West Coast.

Today RAP has earned itself a first name, and as you all may know its gangster RAP. Gangster Rap today has become a way of life for many fans. The Semiotic Hitchhiker's Guide to Creaky Voice: Circulation and Gendered Hardcore in a Chicana/o Gang Persona.

Authors. Norma Mendoza-Denton. Circulation includes its iconic use in Chicano gangster rap in the s, the West Coast Chicano Rap sound was just beginning to emerge. In fact, the youth with whom I carried out ethnographic.

Rap Essay Research Paper Rap Not Rest in Peace In this day in age rap has changed in so many more ways then one From its start in the s on the East Coast to its explosion and transformation on the West Coast Today rap has earned itself a Essay Research PaperRap Not Rest in Peace In this day in age rap has changed in so many more .

The West Coast is not always a successful launching pad for hip-hop stardom, but it has a vital and dynamic scene nonetheless. One of this year’s brightest insurgents, Buddy, is a Compton native.

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