The case study of starbucks marketing essay

Write the case study about Starbucks coffee and explain Porter strategies.

The case study of starbucks marketing essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? You might have heard of this giant company by the name Starbucks. Starbucks has steadily dominated the coffee market and has even extended to being a 3rd home for many of its consumers.

The case study of starbucks marketing essay

Starbucks used new advertising tactics and presented a unique experience for its customers, all of which was a game changer in the business world. Starbucks was created when three friends opened a small store to sell coffee beans and roast in [1]. Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowler and Zev Siegl opened their store in the heart of the unique open air market in downtown Seattle.

Located just off the harbor, Pike place market was the optimal location and attracted many residents and tourists. After ten years of incredible growth, Jerry Baldwin hired Howard Schultz as head of management.

When Schultz first started, he slowly learned the coffee industry and helped made subtle but significant changes. Even though he did not agree with the new direction, Baldwin allowed Schultz to open one espresso bar and in 2 years, Schultz was able to buy out Baldwin and equity owners with the help of investors in Howard Schultz initially saw the power of consumer behavior early on when he realized Starbucks began to be a social gathering mecca for people instead of just an espresso stand.

With scheduled deliveries and privatized ad networking, Starbucks was maximizing its profits and allowing an experience for coffee enthusiasts that did not make them feel locked-into paying. This shift in consumer behavior was in response to the cultural need for a place between home and work.

As social beings, humans thrive for an excuse to hang out and socialize or participate in a community environment. This amazing experience that Starbucks supplied needed to be fine-tuned like any business plan.

The case study of starbucks marketing essay

Like any business, Starbucks had challenges, such as their management of spending. In an interview entitled Business Brilliant, Schultz said that too much was focused on the customer instead of the infrastructure.

It is a really reputed trade name.

To improve this, Schultz developed a unique experience in the store with the paired pastry-drinks and released free Wi-Fi for customers. In addition to free-Wi-Fi, mobile payments allowed consumers to avoid lines and continue their private work in the confines of the lounge.

Like every company, Starbucks faced unique issues in their business which slowed down growth initially which in effect slowed down growth in the long run.

Schultz attributed the biggest hold-back in the long run to not investing in the supply chain, technology or manufacturing. Although Starbucks was marketing their franchise extremely well, they did not invest ahead of the growth curve and the infrastructures became under-par.

Schultz defined the event as a need to redesign their image and retrain their employees.

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Starbucks was losing grip on the customers and their loyalty because the experience of Starbucks was losing its unique features. All of these internal and external issues that Starbucks was facing were all connected with values and company image according to Schultz.Case Study #1 Starbucks The cause of this case study is to evaluate and recognize Starbucks growth in the past decades.

Starbucks was established in The industry for coffee at the time was in decline for almost a decade. Marketing Starbucks Case Study - Essay Example.

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Cleanliness Convenience Treated as a valuable customer Friendly staff Coffee taste/flavor Highest-quality coffee Fast service Appropriate prices Cataracts stores have rated highly on cleanliness and product quality but have not fared well against customer intimacy and fast service, according to a.

Starbucks case study Essay. Introduction. You may also be interested in Starbucks case study International Marketing Case Study Starbucks Going Fast. When entering a global market, it can be expected to overcome both controllable and uncontrollable elements.

The Starbucks organization is . Starbucks was founded in in Seattle, WA by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker.

These men launched the company by selling coffee beans and coffee brewing equipment, instead of actually selling pumpkin spice latees. Case Study Analysis: Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service Anitra Joiner Marketing C.1 Dr.

Laura Pogue May 29, Specialty-coffeehouse culture is well interwoven into the fabric of American society at this point and we can thank Starbucks for ushering in the phenomenon. Case study of starbucks attraction strategies. September 7, When Starbucks marketing their merchandises houses need to make a successful mix of: Product – to take the right merchandise for clients.

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