Shoe polish business plan

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Shoe polish business plan

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For many of you outside of the US, this might very well be the first time that you are hearing about it. So allow me to explain what Shoe polish business plan have read and come across so far.

shoe polish business plan

That is where brands like Jack Erwin come into place and fulfil a gap in the market, supplying good looking shoes at a reasonable and affordable price. Well done for that JE! And I now have another brand to refer to those that email asking for good brands at affordable prices, so thanks for making my job easier guys!

That being, they chose a very bold route to undertake in order to get the absolute best price to the customer, not only in price of shoes, but in the fact that ALL of the shipping costs are paid by the company and not by the consumer.

Impressive yes, but dangerous too as it can create a very demanding consumer, which is not always a good thing in my humble opinion.

shoe polish business plan

Paying the shipping to the customer makes sense as it is enticing. Paying for their returns is where for me it gets dangerous…. If you plan on never selling your shoes to a 3rd party and will forever be selling directly to a customer, then getting the best price possible for them should be your aim as it was for JEwhile still maintaining a healthy margin as to keep the company afloat.

That means you have to be able to sell your shoes to those stores, making a tiny bit of money and allowing for them to get their retail price factored in, all while trying to keep your shoe prices down.

This of course means that in comparison to a Direct to Customer model, your retail prices will be a bit higher.

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Fair play on all of them as it gives the customer a great reason to buy from them, but also makes it hard to really expand your company internationally as your company will forever be your only source of obtaining the shoes. The only other thing that bothered me is the fact that they claim to have hand-stitched soles.

That is clearly not right and it is evident by looking at the sole above.

About Us - Shoe Shine Crew Pinterest Email Anyway, every person in this world needs a good pair of shoe.
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In reality it does not even make sense for a bespoke shoe to be hand stitched when asked for blake construction as it harder to do then a hand welted shoe. Other than that critique, I think that Jack Erwin shoes are a great option for those looking to smarten themselves up but might be on a budget or simply hate the idea of spending lots of money on shoes.

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At the end of the day, Jack Erwin makes my goals easier, as for me the most important thing, greater than my own brand and which is why I write this blog, is to see more men wearing better shoes.

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