Shakespeare retold macbeth

The concept of Scottish nobility, the divine right of Kings, Princes and Thanes is an abstract concept for many people today, so it is unlikely that Retold would have been as successful if Brozel had not made changes to the plot and setting. Similar themes are employed by both composers to evoke emotions In their respective audiences. Through the relationship of Joe and Ella, Brozel questions the dynamic of a marriage. Shakespeare uses Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to re-lnforce he role of a woman, as that of a passive companion, as expected within Elizabethan society.

Shakespeare retold macbeth

Spoilers The only reason I give this disappointing update of Shakespeare's fine though historically, offensively inaccurate! I used to admire this play until I learned that it's based on a pack of lies about the real history of the time that was rewritten later to suit the current ruling family.

The name Stewart simply means Steward and the Stewarts were not ancestrally heirs of the Scottish throne - much the same tricky situation as faced the Tudors hence the damnation of Richard III who was no better nor worse than his brother and his Tudor successors.

Scotland, or at least the part that concerned Duncan and Macbeth in Macbeth's time was ruled by the chosen representative of the chieftains although a fairly unruly situation when there was dissension.

Macbeth was chosen but Duncan, an unpopular chief, seized the Kingship. No wonder he got removed though not as in Shakespeare's play.

Macbeth was supposed to be the just king and a good king whilst Malcolm was a hostage in England Shakespeare retold macbeth quite a long time where he was indoctrinated with the English custom of primogeniture which Shakespeare retold macbeth took back with him to Scotland, convinced he was the rightful king and the old system of election was invalid.

No wonder the English let him go home - a useful "English" puppet on the Scottish throne.

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As I recall, Malcolm was a strong but very harsh king and not too popular. So it's hard for me to watch this play without remembering the injustice to Macbeth who didn't murder Duncan so far as I recall.

Even harder to watch this over-melodramatic and unrealistic adaptation in which Duncan actually tells his ambitious chef that if he Duncan dies tomorrow, Macbeth will inherit the business instead of Duncan's son "who isn't ready yet to inherit". So Mrs Macbeth promptly decides her husband must murder Duncan right away, and worse, not some clever scheme to avoid being implicated but "you're a chef, a knife man, murder him with a knife".

I was never too impressed as Macbeth and his wife descend into madness even in the original play and especially as Macbeth was as I had learned the rightful king anyway.

However, it does make some sense as they are all so superstitious and prophesies start coming true to scare them. But in a modern Scottish restaurant setting, it's really hard to believe how Joe Macbeth loses all control over himself, acts weird, alienates staff and customers and is well on the way to bankrupting the business.

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He has Banquo murdered by one of the illegal immigrants his wife had tried to pin the murder on and then is himself murdered by MacDuff - another daft theme as now Macduff will end up in jail for murder whilst in the original play MacDuff is within his rights in the period setting as a supporter of Malcolm to pursue Macbeth.

Mrs M goes off her head much more realistically and really rather deserved to chuck herself off a building given what a mess she'd made of their lives with her loopy scheme. Watchable for the good acting and the restaurant milieu and if you don't mind it being a travesty of history.

Watchable if you like a melodrama and don't mind that it isn't realistic, or assume the modern couple had an uncertain grasp on reality anyway. But don't expect the later part to make any sense if you prefer plays to be in the real world, just ride with the melodrama if you can and admire the actors.

Had Shakespeare written this play now, set in our time, he wouldn't have written what the BBC issued because it doesn't make modern sense. A shame the modern writer couldn't take that thought on board rather than going overboard with unrealistic melodrama.

Shakespeare retold macbeth

The melodrama could have worked if the basic setting had worked. With the restaurant setting something more devious was needed.

In a different setting and with far more at stake for the Macbeths than hurt pride, the two murders might have made sense. You could say "murders have been done for less" but are we to suppose Shakespeare's Macbeth and his wife are idiots?

Of course they aren't. And a great deal was at stake in a historical period in which murder by one prince of another for power or revenge wasn't unusual. In this modern retake, clearly they are idiots. The three witches are amusingly played as refuse men. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.Watch Shakespeare Retold Season 1 Episode 2: Macbeth online.

SideReel features links to all your favorite TV shows. Feb 20,  · In the modern adaptation Shakespeare Retold: Macbeth, directed by Brian Percival, the battlefield is in the kitchen. This new scene not only gives the viewer the action that was not given by Shakespeare, but also fleshes out the character of Macbeth.

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An animated version of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” in a retelling of the classic play set to modern music. Macbeth is a successful general in King Duncan’s Scottish army. Shakespeare Retold Taming Of The Shrew Visit.

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Shakespeare Macbeth_studyguide_cover Continuing our fun with Shakespeare, reading, memorizing and acting out Macbeth. Macbeth retold is a famous movie of a chef and his restaurant-hostess wife that plan a murder to take ownership of a high-class Glaswegian restaurant.

The movie is based on the plot of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" except modernized to suit the current trends and demands of . Shakespeare Retold (DVD): Macbeth is the chef in a 3-star restaurant; Beatrice and Benedick are rival co-anchors; Titania and Bottom carouse in a tawdry theme resort; and Petruchio sets out to tame the conservative Kate in these four adaptations of classic plays.

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