Scott gurvey nightly business report

I remember when I first studied this great document. And I have remained impressed today, after much more detailed study in college and graduate school, and as I teach First Amendment law to young journalists. But the unabashed awe of my young years has been tempered over time by the knowledge that the nation did not live up to the words, even in the time they were written.

Scott gurvey nightly business report

For better or worse these reports often had an immediate financial market moving impact, making them lead stories for a market driven broadcast. I cringed because I believe attempts to undermine the credibility of these reports do a great disservice.

This is not a partisan matter. He once claimed the unemployment rate was really 42 percent at a time the government report pegged it at 5 percent. Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labor force.

Clarity in reporting is essential so the public understands how these reports are generated. Precision in reporting is essential so they understand what they mean. For that reason, managers are slow to hire and fire.

scott gurvey nightly business report

It can take six, nine, even 12 months before changes in demand lead to changes in employment. Few economists would credit the Trump administration for the February hiring.

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Traders are looking ahead and psychology changes with every news item. You need to learn how to read the detail. You must understand the nuance and be prepared to fight your instincts and probably your editor so your story reflects the limits of the data, even if that means the loss of a great click-bait headline.

If you think it is difficult to make an economic report interesting in print or on the web, try to do it on television. The methodology used is excruciatingly transparent.

The report is the product of a large team of career professionals, economists, statisticians, computer scientists and field workers.

These government workers do their jobs quietly and diligently regardless of the political party of their managers, who often change with each administration.

Fudging the numbers would be a career-ending and probably illegal act. It would also be impossible, requiring a conspiracy involving many people being closely watched by observers.

It would also be detectable.

scott gurvey nightly business report

While the BLS survey is large and tries to be all encompassing, by its nature when you drill down to a specific sector or geographical location you lose precision. Reporters need to consider this if they use the numbers to generate stories about a region or industry.By Scott Gurvey The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline has been one of the most controversial of energy issues since it was first commissioned in The new pipeline, actually the final phase of a four phase project of Calgary based TransCanada Corp., would double existing capacity to move oil extract.

Scott Gurvey never imagined his journalism career unfolding quite this way.. He had spent a decade with CBS News in the ’s, then came a stint with NBC, followed by twenty-two years running the New York bureau of PBS television’s Nightly Business Report.

Nightly Business Report is still obsesed with politics and should change its name to Nightly Political Report. Only a small percent of its content is related to business news and the majority is. Wikipedia was featured on the Nightly Business Report on July 21, in the "Tech-Talk" segment, a monthly on-air column reported by New York Bureau Chief and technology reporter Scott Gurvey.

Above was moved from main article (self promotion). Tag: Nightly Business Report Two Stops On A Busy Day In New York City. I’ve been writing for’s websites since May. My only contact has been through email and phone calls. They know I’m alive because I cash their checks!

I am not from the morning people! Unfortunately, the only way to spend the day in New York City is to wake up. Nightly Business Report is an American business news magazine television program that has aired weeknights on public television stations since January 22, Internationally the show is seen on CNBC Europe (Friday edition only) and CNBC Asia.

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