Rising divorce rate in pakistan

Written by Rida Intizar Divorce seems a simple word, but it is really not. It is a termination of marital union or simply separation of a couple. It can be done by husband, wife or mutual decision of both.

Pakistan and high divorce rates: By Ahad Kashif Published: Most Pakistani girls, with the onset of puberty, envisage themselves in an exorbitant and gaudy red jora, sitting beside a handsome prince charming, who will walk her to a shiny BMW waiting outside the marriage hall.

The term eternal was meant in pure sarcasm, if anyone failed to detect that. Sometimes I wish life had unravelled the way we had always imagined it to be, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Increasing Divorce Rates In Pakistan Is An Issue, Should Be Addressed

What our society needs to understand is that riches and glitzy weddings are not a guarantee for a long lasting marriage. One needs to understand that marriages in Pakistan are not just between a man and a woman, rather between two families. The time period after getting engaged up until the rukhasti, allows for a plethora of different feelings to develop and relationships to blossom.

It is a beautiful and gradual process which requires time and effort.

The Changing Profile of Unmarried Parents

Everything seems to be perfect during that phase, so what changes after marriage? The question remains, why is divorce such an easily available option now? Why do marriages fail? Why do things start falling apart all of a sudden?

What happens to earnest promises? Since when did breaking off a nikkah become an option? The answer is simple. People are not willing to compromise and expectations have definitely increased far more than before. In retrospect, I believe that parents are solely responsible for this.

Mothers nowadays push their daughters to gain financial independencebut wait a minute.

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According to the Sharia, the fundamental duty of a man is to provide for his wife. I feel that a woman earning defeats the purpose of marriage. Granting your wife autonomous financial power makes a woman feel she is better off without you and you just end up being a formality she has to fulfil.

The next point will nail the argument. Though there is a world of a difference between loving them and spoiling them.Nov 23,  · The overall divorce rate fell to per 1, married men or women, the lowest level since - the year after a major liberalisation of divorce law in .

The chairman prefaced the announcement that this particular decision had been made because the Council of Islamic Ideology was concerned about the rising divorce rates in the country. According to Dr Tahir Ashrafi, another member of the CII, the divorce rate in Pakistan “has risen by to pc”.

Psychologists and divorce lawyers consider the main reason for rising divorce rates as the transformations our social fabric has witnessed in recent times.

Rising divorce rate in pakistan

No matter what the reason, divorce has always been considered a taboo in Pakistani society but the latest trends suggest otherwise. and there is a substantial rise in the number of broken relationship.

Divorce have substantial impact on the entire This issue is of considerable importance due to escalating divorce rates. In Pakistan, divorce rates have risen incredibly in the last two decades and more witnessed in lower to middle class families (Khan, But in general terms, rising divorce rates are of concern and the govt as a representative body of society tries to enact policies or ideas to reduce divorce rates.

Divorced is not a pleasant experience for either party and Broken families are more vulnerable to poverty. Divorce rates are better to look at - this is a rate of divorces per 1, married people in the country.

Rising divorce rate in pakistan

The chart below shows the divorce rate from

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