Race and birdie

Appearances[ edit ] In video games[ edit ] Birdie first appears in the original Street Fighter as the first of two opponents the player faces in England. In this game, Birdie is depicted as a tall, white punk rocker with a beak-shaped mohawk hairstyle. He and Eagle are named after the golfing terms Birdie and Eagle.

Race and birdie

In a lot of ways, I should be ecstatic to talk about it: I ran a 4 minute marathon PR 3: So why the hesitation to share? I know I do. Picturing the sweet majesty of the real-life finish line gets me through all the adversity that comes with a marathon training cycle.

And if nothing else, a little catharsis never hurt anyone. We had an exceptional amount of difficulty leaving Denver on Saturday before the race, and it was actually a small miracle we made it out at all. A rogue spring snow storm swooped in on Friday night, and flights out of the city were being cancelled by the minute.

Our flight was not, luckily, however it was delayed by nearly 5 hours — which after connecting through Dallas landed us in Boston around 1 am.

Regardless, the show had to go on, and we spent Sunday brunching with my best friend Anna and her boyfriend, going to the expo, checking out the finish line, and generally soaking up the pre-race atmosphere. The city was electric, and I was so excited to let it rip the next day.

As stated, I went into this race with superb training. My mentality for this training cycle was all about embracing fear: I incorporated track workouts, hill repeats, trail running, tempo runs and fast finish long runs all throughout my training, and I have never felt fitter than I did when it came time to taper.

Needless to say, I was chomping at the bit to run a great race. My A goal for Boston was to run around ideally under 3: Truth be told, on a different course on a colder day, I felt in shape to run a low 3: There was very little doubt in my mind that I was capable of a 3: I thought that mayyyybbeee I could pull off a good night of sleep the night before the race, especially considering the late night of travel beforehand, but alas…my nerves were high and I was restless most of the night.

To be expected, but slightly discouraging.

Race and birdie

I situated myself in the shade, drank half a cup of the free coffee, and tried to relax while nibbling a bagel and drinking a big water bottle. I knew the temperatures would be warm, so I wanted to give myself as much of an advantage over hydration as I could on the front-end.

I tried hard to focus on what was controllable: I needed to start drinking earlier than normal, I needed to grab ice if I saw it offered, and I needed to douse myself with water whenever possible.


Focusing on these things kept me from worrying about the heat, but looking back…I wish I would have allowed myself a little more concern. Once they called our wave, everything happened really fast. One last pee-stop, a few more swigs of water, and I made my way into my start corral. I did notice, right as we were getting ready to start, that my throat was dry, and I resolved to grab water at every possible opportunity.

The gun went off, and we were running Boston! I was running Boston! This time with so much more working in my favor and with a goal that two years ago would have been a pipe dream.

I vowed to not start fast. I kept an eye on my watch for this reason, and since I planned out my paces pretty specifically, I just needed to stay under control.

I wanted these first few miles to stay above 7: I felt light and sharp…and happy!

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It was hot though, and everyone was feeling it. We were ALL grabbing water right away, and I remember thinking the volunteers had their work cut out for them that day. I would grab two waters, drink as much as I could out of one, and dump the other one on my shoulders and head.Birdie (バーディー Bādī) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing as a non-playable opponent in the original Street Fighter, before becoming playable in Street Fighter torosgazete.com: kg (Street Fighter), kg (while in Shadaloo), lbs ( kg) (SFV).

Athlete’s Village was a-buzz with the usual hoopla of porta-potties, coffee, old mylar blankets, and sunscreen.

Race and birdie

I situated myself in the shade, drank half a cup of the free coffee, and tried to relax while nibbling a bagel and drinking a big water bottle. Considering that race recaps are the last lingering content on this little blog, you'd think it would be easier for me to put words to my experience at the th Boston Marathon.

In a lot of ways, I should be ecstatic to talk about it: I ran a 4 minute marathon PR (), and I. Birdy is an British singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of the Hon. Sophie Patricia (Roper-Curzon) and Rupert Oliver Benjamin van den Bogaerde.

…because it's the only way to fly.

Her great-uncle was actor Sir Dirk Bogarde. Birdie's Wall & Desk the improving Newton Abbot winner Pickamix is definitely a danger and a big run from Fact Of The Matter in the previous race would increase. Birdie Gold, trained by Juan Suárez Villarroel and ridden by Edwin Talaverano, won her fourth race in five starts, and reversed the results on Soy Realidad, who had defeated her in the Gran.

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