My intellectual interest

Over the past two years, which courses in school have made you sit up and take notice? Which classes have challenged you to think a little deeper, or changed your mind about something you formerly held true? Is there a class in school that you particularly look forward to each day?

My intellectual interest

Jan 18, at 5: When I went to law school, I had no dreams of working at a My intellectual interest firm. Basically, I wanted a public interest job, student loans be damned. For me, a public interest, intellectual property job is perfect, blending a passion for copyright law and patent law with a deep desire to serve the public.

While I had a number of reasons for my commitment to public service, after nearly a decade working for non-profit organizations, the best advertisement I can give for public interest work is this: I go to work every day knowing that I firmly believe in the mission and values of my organization.

In zealous advocacy for my clients, I have always agreed with their positions. So where, My intellectual interest, does intellectual property law intersect with the public interest?

Basically any time intellectual property and consumers overlap. Because patents and copyrights provide exclusive rights to the right holder, ultimately, consumers can be harmed either because they may be excluded from access or forced to pay exorbitant prices.

Expansion of patent and copyright law for rightholders can result in delayed generic competition, stifling of the public domain and reduced innovation. Public interest intellectual property jobs usually focus on promoting the rights of consumers and curtailing abuses of intellectual property rights.

Ensuring access to affordable medicines. Challenging bad patents — patents that never should have been granted — is one way to protect consumers and reduce the high costs of pharmaceutical drugs. Fighting against sham transfers that try to exploit sovereign immunity is another.

Negotiating licenses for lower prices in developing countries, such as with the Medicines Patent Pool. A number of organizations work to support better innovation and protect consumers by fighting against patent trollsindividuals or organizations that purchase inexpensive patents for the purposes of litigation, often where the patent should not have been granted or to initiate sham lawsuits to extract a settlement from the alleged infringer.

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Ensuring adequate copyright limitations and exceptions for those who are visually impaired or hearing impaired. Without limitations and exceptions, it would not be permissible for an entity to create an accessible format of a work, such as Braille or audio copy of a book for a person who is blind or a captioned movie for someone who is deaf.

A number of groups successfully lobbied for and secured an international treaty to facilitate the creation and cross-border exchange of accessible works for those who are visually impaired.

My intellectual interest

Advocating for the right to repair. Some organizations work to ask the Copyright Office for an exemption to the anti-circumvention rules that would prevent repair. Promoting a robust public domain. Fighting for alternatives within the existing system. Because intellectual property can effectively prevent someone from accessing protected works, what does a person who wants to share his work with the world do?

Some advocates fight for alternatives that work within the existing system, such as promoting better open access policies or making it easier to openly license copyrighted worksincluding dedicating them to the public domain. A number of consumer-oriented groups that focus on intellectual property advocate for laws that achieve better balance to support innovative growth.

These are just a few ways that intellectual property law intersects with the public interest. So many of these issues are foundational to human rights, such as health or education, and good attorneys are always needed to support these important fights.

Cox is a policy attorney who has spent her career working for non-profit organizations and associations. She has expertise in copyright, patent, and intellectual property enforcement law, as well as international trade.

She currently works for a non-profit member association advocating for balanced copyright. You can reach her at kristay gmail.My particular interest of the last few years is commensal microbiota and its impact on the immune system and autoimmunity.

I have a very great love for language and linguistics.

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maybe. when i filled out my supplements, it was two essay questions. the first asked me to explain my intellectual interest. and the second asked me to explain how the school was going to fulfill that interest.

you should think of it as a way to show them that the school is a good fit for you. My intellectual interest essay My experiences in college essay plans natural wonder essay rub, city or countryside essay surat Knowledge essay writing upsc answer sheet Scientific review article template essay title analysis stylistic.

Academic Motivation: Intellectual Interests. Definition: Intellectual Interests. Measures how much the student enjoys the actual learning process, not the extent to which the student is striving to attain high grades or to complete a degree.

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