Kellogg s positioning strategy india caselet

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Kellogg s positioning strategy india caselet

It just sat there with a very small and dying share. Basically, it was just the one flavor of cereal. Just Rice Krispies crushed differently.

Marketing Definition

The brand idea for Special K has been connected with weight loss since the mid 80s. The ads were focused on calories—which is just a feature, not a benefit for the consumer.

This is a classic example that no one cares what you do until you care what they want. At the Beloved stage, demand becomes desire, needs become cravings, thinking is replaced with feelings.

Consumers become outspoken fans. Special K was clearly an Indifferent Brand.

Kellogg s positioning strategy india caselet

Not only was the original flavor fairly bland, but everything about the brand was bland. Special K needed to stand for something. It needed an idea. They were dancing around the idea of weight loss but not really bringing the benefit to life.

Beloved Brands start with an idea The most beloved brands are based on an idea that is worth loving. It is the idea that connects the Brand with consumers. With all the diet-crazed consumers looking for new solutions, Special K had a stroke of brilliance when someone figured out that if you ate Special K twice a day for just two weeks, you could lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks.

While all the other diet options felt daunting, this felt pretty easy to do.

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While Special K had spent decades dancing around the weight loss idea, now they had a Brand Promise that was benefit focused and empowering: With Special K, just twice a day for 2 weeks, you can lose 6 pounds or better yet, drop a jean size.

They stopped talking about the product and starting talking in the voice of the consumer. The brilliant strategy is around the usage occasion of the second meal each day. But now, there was finally a reason to eat cereal twice in one day. The communication of the Brand Story become about empowering women to take control using the Two Week Challenge.

It started with the launch of Berry Special K that thrust the brand into a good tasting cereal, and has since added bars, shakes and water. All these product launches are aligned to the idea of empowering women to maintain their weight.

The diversified line up beyond cereal helps off-set any sales softness on cereal. And rounding out the Brand Experience is to take the challenge on-line, gives women a community of encouragement to help achieve their personal weight loss goals.

Special K has also launched App for smart phones to help monitor weight goals. Special K has also tapped into time of year occasions around New Years and spring to re-enforce the brand messages.Kellogg’s head of digital marketing, Nadeem Amin, told CMO the brand takes its sustainable branding message very seriously and believes it is a great way to engage with consumers in .

Kellogg's must assess its competitors in India's growing breakfast cereal market, where a growing economy and increasing health awareness is pushing Indian consumers to look for healthier options.

Market Segments for Kellogg Company

Questions remain whether Kellogg's should enter the promising gluten-free segment to take advantage of this potential opportunity in India, consumers. Summary. The campaign talks in a very subtle manner about the social events and taboos which modern society is trying to shed away.

The brand rates progressive & contemporary thinking ‘20 out of 20’, much like the new & improved taste of Parle cookies which scores 20 out of 20 on those parameters. Achievements. Kellogg's Corn Flakes is the UK's and Europe's number one breakfast cereal.

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In alone, more than million packets of Kellogg's Corn Flakes were consumed, while over 40% of all UK households are likely to have Kellogg's Corn Flakes in their home. Keyword: This field will search the Course ID, Course Title, and Course Description fields.

The caselet examines the reasons behind the failure of the company's marketing strategy. The caselet discusses the changes made to the product and its positioning that helped Kellogg in improving its sales and market share in India.

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