How to write a bleacher report article submission

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How to write a bleacher report article submission

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This blog post is no longer current. For advice on how to succeed in the current process, please read this post. Of the roughly people who apply to write for Bleacher Report in a typical week, fewer than 10 are approved. What are they doing right?

How do you get to be one of the few who make the grade? The team uses an objective scoring system to evaluate writing samples. That might sound strange because we all know that writing is an art form.

But music is an art form too, and just as we can evaluate whether a musician hits the notes correctly, there are some things within the art of writing that we can judge objectively. Before you start writing, you should pay attention to what the application asks for: An original opinion piece words long that is something Bleacher Report might publish on the day you turn it in.

Reviewers score writing samples by looking at the strength of the analysis as well as the actual mechanics of the writing. In other words, they want to see that you have smart, interesting, creative things to say about sports, and they want to see that you have the ability to say them well.

If the sample goes astray on too many of the metrics, the application will be turned down. In most cases, writers may try again after 30 days.

A good submission offers opinionated analysis rather than merely regurgitating facts. Reviewers look for at least two consecutive paragraphs that contain subjective interpretation of the event or events being covered.

how to write a bleacher report article submission

Reviewers want to see thoughts developed a little bit. Bleacher Report readers demand forward-looking analysis. Reviewers look, again, for at least two consecutive paragraphs that contain such analysis.

Every single statement of opinion in the writing sample must be supported with at least one persuasive fact.

Good analysis makes note of commentary by other analysts, as no writer is a lone voice in the online universe. The writer can agree or disagree with that analysis. Reviewers look for three basic elements in a good writing sample.

The second is a logical progression that develops the themes that were introduced in the lede. Beginning, middle and end. Even one misspelled word will result in a lower score.

how to write a bleacher report article submission

Any more than two grammatical errors or typographical errors combined will also have you on your way to an invitation to try again in 30 days. Sentence and Paragraph Structure: Readers like concision and so does the Writer Admissions Team.

Writing samples should average fewer than 20 words per sentence and four sentences per paragraph. Word repetition is the big issue the team is looking for here. Using the same word two times in one sentence or three times in one paragraph, other than for rhetorical effect, will raise a red-flag.

The Writer Admissions Team will give you three passive verb constructions in a word writing sample. After that, you get marked down.

More than two instances of first-person voice will result in a lower score on this metric.Nov 01,  · How to create a writing sample that will get you the gig. Advice, Copy editing, Ledes, Writing. so don’t treat your submission like a message board post.

Your readers will expect to see something credible, so don’t let them down with a wave of emoticons and acronyms. I love bleacher report and hope to write, not just read. Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Conor McGregor Breaks Down Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight, Wants Rematch. Bleacher Report - Joseph Zucker. Conor McGregor provided an in-depth breakdown on Instagram of his submission defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC on Oct. 6.

Welcome to the open source sports networking site known as Bleacher Report. Here you can interact with fans of every genre of sport. From baseball and football down to high school sports, Bleacher Report has it all.

But wait, there's more! Here on Bleacher Report you can write all your favorite teams and players in a news-style platform. Feb 16,  · Submission holds are a key component in the world of wrestling, (and write one off television permanently). is part of . The specific problem is: mostly unreferenced list of people; the list of people is unnecessary to the subject of this article. Only a few of the most prominent examples should be here, not an exhaustive list Please help improve this article if you can.

Dec 25,  · This video will guide you how to submit your articles in If you want to show your talent to creative writing then submit your article now and get your submitted articles .

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