How to treat depression without medication essay

Coconut oil uniquely feeds the brain with medium-chain fatty acids.

How to treat depression without medication essay

What a difference a few years makes. Its subtitle was revealing: Psychotherapy was relegated to the dustbin of history. Fast-forward just a couple of years.

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Suddenly, the manufacturer of Prozac, Eli Lilly, was being sued by families of people who either committed suicide or tried to do so while taking the drug.

In the next 15 years, lawsuits for other antidepressants piled up against other manufacturers for the same reason: Not only did the drug industry promote off-label uses, but many of the research papers that touted the benefits of the medication were fraudulent.

Journals subsequently added to their editorial policies a requirement that all submissions include the funding sources for the research. And now, the latest blow to the pharmaceutical industry: That means we can take psychotherapy out of the dustbin and restore it to the place of honor—and hope—where it belongs.

When it comes to depression, we need that hope. Of interest, more women than men suffer from depression in marriage. If depression is that serious, how could psychotherapy work where drugs have given us a bouncy ride like side effects and how they can just stop working if they had any effect in the first place?

How does talk therapy have the robustness to counteract what pharmaceutical companies have billed as a chemical imbalance in the brain? Most importantly, how could counseling tackle the kind of depression that comes out of strained personal relationships? When there is less serotonin a neurotransmitter that signals good feelings in their brains, it is a reflection of their depression, not a cause of it.

More good news is that talk therapy is actually the best solution to the kind of depression that comes out of strained personal relationships. According to JMFT research, both couples counseling and individual therapy can improve depression, but only relationship therapy improves relationships.

How to Deal with Depression — 4 Simple Solutions Research using functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI demonstrates that drugs, placebos, and talk therapy all can change brain chemistry. But how could drugs have the same effect on the brain as placebos?

Scientists hypothesize that these dummy pills work because of the attention and care that the researchers give to the people participating in the experiment. Psychotherapy research comes down to the same thing. When talk therapy works, it does so because of the quality of the therapeutic relationship.

So of course the pharmaceutical will work because it is distributed by researchers who talk to—and listen to—the research volunteers.

While depression can, in fact, be helped by the use of proper medications, any long-term treatment must include counseling/therapy and significant and lasting lifestyle changes. Depression is, in fact, the catalyst that has lead me to pursue my current academic and professional dream to become a Psychologist. While depression can. in fact. be helped by the usage of proper medicines. any long-run intervention must include counseling/therapy and important and permanent lifestyle alterations. Depression is. in fact. the accelerator that has lead me to prosecute my current academic and professional dream to go a . By looking for the best treatment for depression - without medication - you clearly want to stay in control of your own recovery. Natural or alternative treatments help you to recover without having to suffer the burden of any nasty side-effects.

Studies in the animal kingdom shed more light on this. InDiscover Magazine reported research by Jacqueline Crawley with Siberian hamsters, animals that are unusual because, like most humans, they mate for keeps. When a female is taken away from her mate, the male not only acts depressed, but serotonin levels in the brain go down—a sure sign of depression.

But look at this: Another JMFT article noted that more women than men initiate separation and that when they do, if they started out depressed, their depression lifts. One conclusion you should not draw is that a separation from the s. The authors speculate that the person who initiates separation has more control over events at that moment and that is why the depression lifts.

One of the hallmarks of depression is the hopelessness that comes from being out of control of the situation. The real solution is for the therapist to work with the controlling partner to relinquish control, be a listener, and behave respectfully—in addition to being caring and attentive.

Partners in a relationship can be taught how to make each other happy rather than fight over why the other person was making them unhappy. More great content from YourTango:Depression. According to the DSM-VI, thesymptoms of depression fall into four different categories: cognitive (feelingsof low self-worth or unbecoming guilt), physical (forms of insomnia or loss ofappetite), emotional (enormous sorrowful feelings), and motivational (lack of motivationand aspiration).

Feb 25,  · But as many as a third get depressive symptoms despite medication. And side effects, which can include weight gain, nausea, and insomnia, are troublesome for some patients.

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Feb 25,  · “Now, it’s an FDA-approved treatment for depression, and it’s used around the world.” Which, if any, of these treatments prove effective is anybody’s guess at this point.

Researchers have a lot of work ahead of them before any make it . Please note: Depression is a serious medical condition and can require medical attention.

How to treat depression without medication essay

If you suffer from depression, please call your doctor for diagnosis and a treatment plan that works for you. If you suffer from depression, please call your doctor for diagnosis and a treatment plan that works for you.

Nov 08,  · As per the famous surveys, depression is considered to be one of the major mental sicknesses among adults. Though anyone (regardless of his/her age, gender, or lifestyle) can develop this severe condition, adolescents are more apt to develop depression.

Depression can make you want to hide from the world, but that will only make the depression worse. Call a friend or make plans to do something social with a friend. Even a small chat with a friend can help improve your mood.

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