Gcse maths coursework mathstick 0708

Share via Email This article is over 9 years old Boys have leapfrogged over girls in maths GCSE results, bagging more of the top grades for the first time since after the government scrapped coursework last year.

Gcse maths coursework mathstick 0708

The QCA publication gives practical advice for organising rich activities within the curriculum.

Gcse maths coursework mathstick 0708

It includes strategies for devising and using rich activities as well as advice for finding contexts which are mathematically rich. There is also a wide range of examples and case studies, as well as a comprehensive list of resources.

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This booklet of investigations is intended to provide tasks that can be used in some of the ways described in Engaging mathematics for all learners — and they particularly encourage the development of skills with using ICT, maximising and minimising, and changing variables one at a time.

Another suggested activity type in the QCA publication is exploring examination or textbook questions. It also gives advice about question techniques that can be used to help learners develop thinking skills and a deeper understanding.

Depending on your own experience in using open-ended and richer tasks, we would recommend you read and use the activities in the AO3 Problem Solving Guide first before you use the tasks in this booklet. They are not practice exam questions but are instead tasks to help learners develop the mental flexibility that they need for the new elements in the exams.

We hope you find these tasks interesting, useful and rewarding. The game is played on a square board, with squares numbered from one to one hundred.Jun 19,  · Does anyone know where I can find the old GCSE investigation and data handling coursework tasks, online ideally????

Gcse maths coursework mathstick 0708

Or have they been erradicated from the face of the web- google is just taking me to a lot of student cheat websites; I am really looking for the guidance notes as well. Mathematics Gcse Coursework Tubes Investigation. Extracts from this document Introduction.

Mathematics GCSE Coursework. Looking for expert help with your Maths work? Check out our FREE Study Guides: Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know.

GCSE Mathematics specifications. It also gives advice about question techniques that can be used to help learners develop thinking skills and a deeper understanding.


The guide also provides ten annotated tasks and investigations that can be used as activities to help develop learners’ abilities with regards to problem solving and strategy. The Maths GCSE Course covers the latest linear AQA syllabus () and is designed to help students prepare and pass their Maths GCSE exam.

GCSE Maths coursework help you in two extensive errands (investigations), each worth 10% of the final mark. One task is an Algebraic Investigation, and the other task is a Statistical Data Handling Project. Nov 28,  · videos Play all [OLD SPEC] GCSE Foundation Maths from Scratch Jack Brown Cells - Biology - Science - Get That C In your GCSE and IGCSE - .

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