Electronic milk tester by reil

The source of write up is company and internet. I hereby do not take any disclaim of content of matter.

Electronic milk tester by reil

The source of write up is company and internet. I hereby do not take any disclaim of content of matter. It should be used for reference and study purpose only.

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REIL has a prominent place amongst the electronics industry of Rajasthan. It has been certified as an ISO firm w. The birth of cooperative movement in India has its roots in the vision of Dr. He realized that the upliftment of marginal dairy farmers lay in their own hands through cooperative movement at community level.

Encouraged by the success of the EMT and the willingness of the rural folk to accept modern technology, REIL initiated a bold step of providing a paradigm shift in technology by introducing computers at village level.

With the advent of Solar Photovoltaic technology in the country and looking to its prospective applications for the rural areas, the company ventured into this segment, initially to manufacture SPV Modules in In the field of SPV technology the company further diversified into the manufacture of Solar Photovoltaic based application products, sub-systems and integrated systems most of which were developed in-house.

The company has a strong in-house Govt.

Auto Electronic Milk Tester (Auto EMT)

Indigenization of the Milk Testing equipment and incorporating the latest State-of-the-Art microprocessor designs over the initial and older LSI designs has enabled more features and new add-on equipment has been developed to provide integrated system solutions.

The Consistency in Excellence is recognized with repeated award for Excellence in Electronics for the yeargiven by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology The Company has an authorized capital of Rs.

The Company has recorded a turnover of Rs. The Company has rapidly absorbed and assimilated the technology, successfully indigenized the product, and in response to customer requirements, designed it on micro-controller technology to suit the needs of the Indian customers.

Thus, the auto-zero EMT was introduced in the market in the year The Company has also successfully integrated the products into a more versatile system, developed in-house through it own development efforts, called the Milk Collection Station.

The Company has a state-of-art manufacturing facility at its works, for electronic products. In order to maintain appropriate temperature levels, clean conditions and uninterrupted power supply, the plant is equipped with centralized Air conditioning systems, air shower and over KVA of DG capacity installed at the premises.

The department is also equipped with facility for undertaking manufacturing of products under anti-static environment. The manufacturing facility is complemented by the Quality Assurance department equipped with a wide range of test and measuring equipment including IC testers, LCR bridges, digital storage oscilloscopes frequency projector stereoscopic microscope, 3-D Co-Ordinates measuring machine, product life testing machines and environment chamber.

It started its operations by setting up a manufacturing facility for SPV modules and has expanded its area of operations through manufacture of Balance of Systems for a large number of applications, utilizing its electronics product manufacturing facility.

The Company products are a result of its own in-house development efforts. The Company has a capacity of 2 MW per year on single shift basis. The manufacturing department has machines including string layout machines, module laminators and soldering systems for producing modules conforming to International standards.

Quality is the keyword in the management philosophy of REIL and tests and checks are carried out at various stages beginning from the stage of incoming raw material to the shipment of the finished product.

Basic objective in the dairy development programme is to increase the production of mil. Milk collection depends on prompt payment of fair and correct price to encourage producers to increase milk production.

The system of payment based on quality i. It is further very necessary that each sample of milk should be tested for its quality and testing should be completed within 2 to 3 hours time in order to make correct payment. Milk sample would also get spoiled if not tested immediately, in the absence of facility to preserve them, specially at village level.

All these add to the cost andtime of milk testing. A quicker, reliable and economical method of milk fat testing has therefore become inevitable and an immediate probem to solve. It measures the fat content instantaneously on a digital readout.The operations started with the Electronic Milk Tester, under technical collaboration with A/S Foss Electric of Denmark, and assembly of Electronic Milk Tester (EMT) in SKD form, from kits supplied by the collaborator, initially.

Electronic Milk Tester is based on the photometric measurement of light scattered by the milk sample. The light is scattered by the fat globules acting as small prism.

Electronic milk tester by reil

To eliminate protein effect on light scattering, it is dissolve in ETDA solution. “Milk is a white fluid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals for the nourishment of their young, consisting of minute globules of fat suspended in a solution of casein, albumin, milk sugar, and inorganic salts” (milk).

Electronic milk tester. It is manufactured by Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. (REIL) is the electronic milk tester. It is an instrument for measurement of milk fat.

The Smart PC Based Milk Collection Station is specially designed integrated system, which is a combination of several units viz; AZ Electronic Milk Tester, Milk Weighing System, Personal Computer with smart card reader / writer & column Printer.

Electronic Milk tester is manufactured by REIL Central Government Company situated in Jaipur has been adopted as an essential instrument of milk fat testing. It is a fast and economical measurement of FAT.

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