Case colgate max fresh global brand roll out pcr

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Case colgate max fresh global brand roll out pcr

A method of treating fabric which provides improved benefits to treated fabrics relating to moisture absorption, fragrance deposition, soil removal, reduced wrinkling prior to ironing and better appearance after ironing, said process comprising applying to the fabric a dryer sheet comprising a substrate and a coating composition comprising: A cleaner and polish article comprises a substrate capable of absorbing and retaining a fluid and having two opposed surfaces wherein at least one surface is abrasive, and a nonabrasive aqueous cleaner and polish formulation absorbed, in the substrate.

The cleaner and polish formulation comprises an aqueous cleaning emulsion containing water, a surfactant and an organic solvent, a polishing agent, and a carrier, whereby cleansing and polishing action is achieved by the formulation, and abrasive cleansing action and polishing action is achieved by the cleaner and polish formulation as well as by the abrasive surface of the substrate.

The substrate is further capable of absorbing the dissolved or softened soil residue to assist in the cleansing action. The substrate can comprise a cloth-like towel. A plurality of such towels is provided in a continuous roll placed in a selectively sealable, essentially airtight container.

An opening in the lid of the container allows the user to remove individual towels which contain the appropriate amount of cleanser thereon.

An air cleaning system and method employs both particulate and gaseous contaminant removal from a flowing air stream to improve air quality in a selected environmental space. Particulate contaminants are removed by an appropriate filter.

The air stream is selectively heated to provide an adequate catalyst reaction temperature and the heat energy is then recovered by a heat exchanger. Various sensors are employed to monitor flow rate, air composition, temperature and pressure.

A controller is programmable to control air quality for either minimizing contaminants or minimizing energy usage required to achieve a selected minimum air quality over a period of time.

An orally absorbable improved dental formulation is provided. The dental formulation includes a base to which an active component is added.

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The active component comprises, based on the overall weight thereof, Vitamin C in an amount between about 0 and 25 weight percent, and Co-enzyme Q or ubiquinonein an amount between 0 and 25 weight percent, are added. The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having haloperoxidase activity.

The invention also relates to methods for producing and using the polypeptides. A metal surface which has been cleaned using an alkaline based solution is treated with an acidic solution which contains rear earth ions to remove any smut which may have been produced during the alkaline cleaning.

A coating is formed on the cleaned surface using a different acidic solution containing rare earth cations which have multiple valence states. When the surface is reacted with coating solution, an increase in the pH at the metal surface indirectly results in precipitation of a rare earth metal such as cerium onto the surface.

Alternatively, after the removal of the smut, the surface may be coated using a painting technique. The invention provides a method for detecting ATP in a sample, wherein the sample is contacted with a reaction mixture to effect a light signal, the reaction mixture comprising luciferin, luciferase and one or more water-soluble salts, the total salt concentration being at least 0.

A kit is described for detecting ATP in a sample comprising luciferin, luciferase and a buffer solution comprising salts. A composition for detecting ATP in a sample comprising a total salt concentration of at least 0.

The present invention concerns a member of the human chemokine CC protein family. In particular, isolated nucleic acid molecules are provided encoding the chemokine beta protein.

Chemokine beta polypeptides are also provided. The invention further concerns diagnostic methods for detecting thymus disorders and therapeutic methods for modulating bone marrow cell proliferation and differentiation. A treatment media is provided capable of acting upon at least one chemical contaminant in an aqueous composition and assisting in the decomposition thereof.

The treatment media is a biologically activated organically modified material which includes a mineral based substrate, selected from the group consisting of clays, clay analogs, synthetic resins, zeolites and mixtures thereof.

The mineral based substrate is treated with an organic modification compound selected from the group consisting of quaternary amines, pyridinium compounds, phosphonium amines, and mixtures thereof. At least one strain of bacteria is engrafted to the mineral-based substrate, the bacteria being capable of facilitating decomposition of the chemical contaminant.

Quaternary amines used provide enhancement of bacterial colonies and do not adversely effect bacterial activity when employed as the organic modification compound to treat the mineral based substrate. Preferred quaternary amines include ditallow dimethyl ammonium chloride, hexadecyl ammonium chloride, octadecyl ammonium chloride, di-methyl di-hydrogenated tallow ammonium chloride, and dicocodimethyl ammonium chloride.PDA PARTS For Highscreen Power 5 Max LCD Display + Touch Screen Digitizer For Highscreen Power Five Max.

Case colgate max fresh global brand roll out pcr

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despite the high contami-nation the process achieved a clean-ing efficiency exceeding the efsa thresholds.

Case colgate max fresh global brand roll out pcr
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