Atma nirbharta

Urban Local Bodies in India: Roy Vikas ke Aayam: Theory and Practice, Artha Beekshan, Vol. Trivedi, Amity School of Rural Management.

Atma nirbharta

Filed in Yesu Das Tiwari by rupanjanad gmail. Introductory Remarks I have been planning, sinceto write a systematic theology in the Indian context, using structures available in the Indian philosophical and theological reflections.

It was for this reason that I took interest in the epistemological ontology of Paul Tillich and Samkara and pursued them for my research work1.

This did not motivate me to attempt at writing any treatise in that direction. Converts are special to me, and I am always attracted towards them. It occurred to me very late in life that my father too was a convert, and when it did, I thought to make a special study of their lives, works and thinking.

But this is what every convert, in the past, had been through. Theological orientation and training in India is not yet free from the Western theological and philosophical influences.

Free essys, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book report, term papers, history, science, politics. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Atma-nirbharta ke aatma ko haasil karo. Vyaktigat zimmedariyon ko dhaarmik shakti, swaasth, padhaai- likhaai, kaam, vit, bhojan, aur jiwan ke anye zarooraton ko swikaar karo. Vishwaas aur chonautiyon ko ant tak jhelne ke liye prarthna karo.

We have not yet been able to grasp our own philosophical and theological structures of knowledge and understanding, which are as many as regions, religions and systems we have in this sub- continent. This vision is inclusive of philosophy and theology; it is Darshana, revelatory knowledge in experiential sense.

It may come closer to concept of vision Prophet Joel had3, and Isaiah really had seen4. In the context of converts and saints, the classical example is that of Saint Paul.

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They, however, will have no objection to a study that deals with the Vision of the Ultimate, the Ground of the existence as such. We are, therefore, dealing in theology with the Vision of a convert. This Darshana, in the context of a convert, can be descriptive, reflective, meditative and philosophic, yet expository in nature.

Convert is generally understood as a person who changes his views, religion, allegiance and opinion. In the recent past, the term has been attacked from within religious tradition itself as well as from without, secularists and religious activists of other religious traditions.

The Indian socio-economic realities beckon us to consider another aspect of convert and conversion. Hindu religious tradition has perpetuated distinct socio-economic structures known as caste-system.

Unfortunately, not much attention has been paid to this aspect of the change in understanding the life of a convert. Shri Krishna in Gita is very clear, for he gave an unambiguous understanding of conversion to Arjuna: He had a mystical religious experience of Christ, which became his ultimate point of reference in life This fact was not recognized, first by his own family, and then by the new community he joined.

On his part, he took it as life- long Tapas13, without showing external signs of internal resolve. He became a life-long student of Hindi, Sanskrit, Greek and New Testament; Scripture of other religions as well as his own, and aspired to have a deeper knowledge of Indian Bhakti and Christian mystic traditions.

Translation of the New Testament gave him an opportunity to enter into the minds of the New Testament writers and convey the same in the language and thought concepts that he knew the best.

No wonder, he used, in the writings that are included in present volume, the terms that are frequently used in these literatures to express his faith-experiences and theological understanding. I am afraid I am conservative here.

I shall use the literary vocabulary of Sanskrit language, its idioms, figures of speech, its literary allusions, so far as they harmonize with our present- day usages and needs, but, as far as possible, not the Hindu philosophical terms.

Words like Avatar, Jagadguru, Rishi, Diksha are better avoided. Some words we should adopt viz. Mukti but in general it is good not to borrow technical terms from other faiths.

A wide use of Hindu terms will weaken the Christian message.nari pratima tb or ab - " NARI PRATIMA""'TAB OR AB" "NARI TUMARA KOMAL MAN,SNEHE BHARA JESE DARPAN,MAMTA KI TUM SAKSHAT MURTI,DAYA KRUNA KA TUM APRIMIT SAGAR'",Bhartiy samaj me prachin kal se.

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Atma nirbharta

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