As a manager

There are some innate skills that separate good managers from those who are simply mediocre. If you're vying for a manager position, or looking to do better in your current supervisory role, here are a few skills to hone.

As a manager

2) You don’t like dealing with people

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1) You do it for the money, not the actual job responsibilities

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As a manager

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Our company is switching software for our management systems. We have two locations in our area, and the company is telling us that we are to close our offices and all of our staff are required to travel three hours away with two overnight stays to be trained on the new system.

This seems unreasonable to me. Bad Manager: 5 Signs You Shouldn’t be a Manager Becoming a manager is a career choice just as much as deciding a profession you want to study in school. It requires learning new skills and taking on different responsibilities.

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