An introduction to the mlda minimum legal drinking age

The Drinking Age, a Moral Dilemma? Regardless of this national inconsistency, this poses an interesting moral conundrum for Canadian citizens, which MLDA is morally right? Like most perplexing ethical dilemmas, this one has no simple answer and as such is debatable.

An introduction to the mlda minimum legal drinking age

February 24, Teen party photo via Shutterstock Laws that maintain the legal drinking age at 21 save lives on the road, and protect young people from other hazards of drinking, according to a new review of studies. Researchers examined the evidence from studies conducted sinceand found that laws that make it illegal for people under age 21 to drink are linked to lower rates of drunk-driving deaths among young people.

The Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Public Health

Researchers also found that current drinking restrictions have not resulted in more binge drinking among teens, as some have suggested. The benefits of these laws, however, continue to be debated. Advocates for lowering the minimum legal drinking age argue that the laws have not stopped teenagers from drinking, and in fact contribute to binge drinking behind closed doors and in places with no adult supervision.

They also argue that the current laws haven't led to fewer traffic accidents caused by alcohol consumption.

Minimum Legal Drinking Age in Countries - Minimum Legal Drinking Age -

However, the new review found that since the legal drinking age was set at 21, young people have been drinking lessand are less likely to get into traffic accidents.

In fact, the age 21 laws have saved up to lives yearly on the road, according to estimates from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. During that period, the number of fatally-injured drunk drivers decreased by 57 percent among those ages 16 to 20, compared with 39 percent for those ages 21 to 24, and 9 percent for those older than On the other hand, many studies have found that a higher legal drinking age led to less alcohol consumption.

In one of the most recent studies, researchers found that in36 percent of college students said they'd engaged in binge drinking in the past two weeks, compared with 43 percent of students inthe first year that the age 21 law was adopted by all states. Researchers noted the age 21 law has had positive effects despite being sometimes disobeyed, and indifferently enforced.

Instead of lowering drinking age, there should be in fact stricter enforcement of the law, they said.Lower minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) laws have been associated with short-term effects such as more traffic fatalities and teen suicides.


A new study has investigated the long-term and. You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. While most of the world embraces an eighteen year old, or lower, minimum age for drinking alcohol, the United states is only one of four countries who have set the drinking age to twenty-one (Hanson).

Therefore, the United States faces many pressures to . Feb 19,  · But then all 50 states raised it again to 21 when Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act — for fear of losing a portion of federal highway money. But does a uniform drinking age of 21 work?

— Should the drinking age be lowered? Why?

An introduction to the mlda minimum legal drinking age

including legal troubles like drive a car after they drink alcohol. The Impact and Effectiveness of Minimum Legal Drinking Age Legislation in Canada Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse • Centre canadien de lutte contre les toxicomanies Page 3. Figure 1. Summary of effects of the MLDA on mortality rate changes (%) in fatalities immediately following the MLDA.

Introduction Minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) laws are intended to curb alcohol use of young adults and are justified primarily by evidence showing that higher minimum legal drinking ages are associated with reduced alcohol consumption and fewer traffic fatalities among those.

Minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) laws provide an example of how scientific research can support effective public policies. Between and , 29 States lowered their MLDA's; subsequently, scientists found that traffic crashes increased significantly among teenagers.

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