An assessment of the movie on the waterfront by elia kazan

Transportation[ edit ] The town is served by two train stations, one in Noroton Heights and the other in downtown Darien. Just to the north of town, the Merritt Parkway Route 15 runs roughly parallel to the northern border between Darien and New Canaan. The Talmadge Hill railroad station is just north of the border as well.

An assessment of the movie on the waterfront by elia kazan

Cobbwho also employs Terry's older, college educated brother Charley Rod Steiger. As a favor to Johnny, Terry lures a fellow dockworker, Joey Doyle, to the roof of his building -- and Joey is thrown off the roof.

But Terry can't walk away from Joey's death that easily -- he genuinely thought they were just going to lean on him a little, not kill him, and he can't forget that he set Joey up. Terry's conscience bothers him just enough so that when he meets Joey's grieving sister, Edie Eva Marie Saintand sees Father Barry Karl Maldenthe local priest, trying to find out who killed Joey, they stir some long-buried streak of decency in him.

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At the same time, although he's not the brightest bead on the rosary and this is a very Catholic movie, in its imagery and sensibilitiesTerry slowly becomes aware that he can tie Johnny Friendly directly to the killing.

Johnny starts to doubt Terry and his willingness to keep quiet; Terry and Edie are seen together too often, and they are falling in love with each other, albeit very reluctantly -- even Terry's brother Charley can't reach him anymore.

Terry turns out not only to have a conscience but some dignity and self-worth. In the renowned taxi-ride scene with his brother considered possibly the best dramatic scene between two actors in the whole history of movieshe recounts how Charley never looked out for him when Charley and Johnny handled him as a boxer and made him throw his most important fights -- he's not dead, but he's barely a shadow of who and what he might've been.

An assessment of the movie on the waterfront by elia kazan

By this time, the middle ground Terry is standing on is shrinking down to a point -- with a piercing edge -- and he who is worrying only about himself has to decide which way he's going to jump off. When Charley is murdered, he makes his decision, precipitating an explosion of pent-up fury on the docks that threatens to destroy both Terry and Johnny.

The acting in On the Waterfront has the aura of truth, and the decision to shoot on location in northern New Jersey gave the film the immediacy and realism of a documentary.

Into that mix goes Leonard Bernstein 's music his only film scorewhich anticipates elements of West Side Story and, in its editing and mixing into the audio track, imparts a very subtle operatic quality to the otherwise hyper-realistic film.

Just check out the interaction of the visuals and the music in the scene depicting the fight at the morning shape-up, especially the build up to the horn flourish at the moment when Terry's friend points out that he's fighting with Joey Doyle's sister. The film is an extraordinary mix of elements both coarse and refined -- harsh realism and art at its most quietly elegant -- in a coherent and compelling whole that still holds up a half century later.Mar 21,  · “On the Waterfront” was, among other things, Kazan's justification for his decision to testify.

In the film, when a union boss shouts, “You ratted on us, Terry,” the Brando character shouts back: “I'm standing over here now.4/4. Elia Kazan: A Life [Elia Kazan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Elia Kazan's varied life and career is related here in his autobiography. He reveals his . Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Filmed on location in the docks of New Jersey, with a thrilling score by Leonard Bernstein (his only for films), directed by Elia Kazan (arguably his best film), this is a must-see.

A true classic. Debateably Brando's best work. This set has all three aspect ratio versions for your viewing enjoyment in 4k digital restoration. If I understand correctly Europe's wide screen at the time was , America's was so the original cut of On the Waterfront was filmed in to split the difference/5().

Lone surviving lead cast member Eva Marie Saint gives a good new interview (), recorded last September. The Oscar-winning octogenarian recalls making her film debut, after ten years of other acting, across from Brando and Kazan. A interview of Elia Kazan () is .

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